Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 609 - Buddha Aur Naach Ghar

Respected Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh

I must admit here that I was preoccupied yesterday with Buddha Aur Naachghar. I had painstakingly written it from thye mp3 file of the rendition by you.. It remains one of the best what you had delivered on 28th November at Bachchan Sandhya.. best after the Madhushala by Dr. Bachchan as far as I am concerned..

I could not get m hands on to the Navneet that day which was being distributed at Bachchan Sandhya and to my surprise I could not find a copy at the stands in Chembur.. hopefully I shall buy a copy before it is too late.. I may after all not be in a position to buy the coffee table edition of Madhushala.. No, no, you need not bother brother to send me a copy.. it is all right.. my love for Madhusala and Dr. Bachchan can not diminished or emphasised by having or not having the coffee table edition.. kaafee kuchh to mujhe jabaani yaad hai.. Hindi edition with a foreword from you was always there with me and the soft copy is also available on net..

लिखी भाग्य में जितनी बस उतनी ही पाएगा हाला,
लिखा भाग्य में जैसा बस वैसा ही पाएगा प्याला,
लाख पटक तू हाथ पाँव, पर इससे कब कुछ होने का,
लिखी भाग्य में जो तेरे बस वही मिलेगी मधुशाला।।७०।

I know I have no regrets of not having met you on that evening.. it is all right there will be next time too.. we shall meet only when there is appropriate reason for such meeting.. otherwise where exactly is the need other than just seeking your blessings by bending over to touch my brother's feet.. you are truly the best creation of Dr. Bachchan.. and having spend three hours with you that evening can not be underestimated as you were far too closer to me than the Hope 86 program at Brabourne stadium which I had seen from the railings.. it is all right.. jahan man mile ho vahan tan ka milana koi khaas mayane nahi rakhata.. nahi rakh sakata.. phir bhi kabhi kabhi aap ko chhoo kar dekhane ki abhilasha man mein paida hoti hai.. shayad Amrit ke liye.. you know he does not address you as Amitabh Bachchan.. he always says aapke bhaaisahab.. kitana achchhA lagata hai yah sunkar..

उस प्याले से प्यार मुझे जो दूर हथेली से प्याला,
उस हाला से चाव मुझे जो दूर अधर से है हाला,
प्यार नहीं पा जाने में है, पाने के अरमानों में!
पा जाता तब, हाय, न इतनी प्यारी लगती मधुशाला।।९९।

So I do want to live with this ambition of meeting you someday rather than actually meeting you..nahi nahi bhaai.. agar aap aadesh karenge to main aapka adesh thode hi taal sakata hoon.. main jaanata hoon ki aap koi bhi aisa aadesh nahi denge jo mere liye mumkin na ho..

chalo khair ab aaj ke liye vida leta hoon.. kal aap logon ko kaafi bore kiya thaa.. aaj aap nischint rahen.. jyada bore nahi karunga..

नहीं चाहता, आगे बढ़कर छीनूँ औरों की हाला,
नहीं चाहता, धक्के देकर, छीनूँ औरों का प्याला,
साकी, मेरी ओर न देखो मुझको तिनक मलाल नहीं,
इतना ही क्या कम आँखों से देख रहा हूँ मधुशाला।।१०४।

Love Respect and Regards
Abhaya Sharma
(The link to the famous Buddha Aur Naach Ghar)

Respected Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh
As per the promise I have finally uploaded the page that I wanted to serve as a dedication to the memories of your beloved mother Shrimati Teji Bachchan ji. The pdf version of the page is available at the following link..
May her soul rest in Peace and may she be having a great time in the Heavens!
Love and regardsAbhaya Sharma

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