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Navya-Agastya - Hi!

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September 19, 2009 at 9:29 am
The MMMMost Respected Brother

Sadar Charan Sparsh
Mai kya kahoon, kya kah sakata hoon! Oh, the post starting with Fatima went on to the two children with their children like desire and nothing more.. a Nana obliging as best as he could.. the kind and honest gesture for brotherhood to persist on this earth… Bhaai tussi great ho..A song which comes to mind though has nana in different meaning I still sing it for the other meaning (the you.. to Agastya and Navya.. loo she says why Agastya and navya it should be Navya and Agastya.. I came to his world before him.. )it is all right little one the song for Navya and Agastya ( vaise bhi in India it has always been lady’s first and that a little lady she is as you said..) Nana to you says ..

Nana karate pyaar

tumhi se kar baithe

karna thhaa ikraar

tumhin se kar baithe

Nana karte..
and a special one to all the kids of this world..

bachhe man ke sachhe

bachhe man ke sacche

yeh woh nanhe phool hain

jo bhagwaan ko lagate pyaare..

inke liye koi gair nahi

inko kisi se bair nahi..

Agastya and Navya.. could you tell me the movie and the actor who is singing it on the screen.. if yu have not seen the mvie watch it here.. not the movie but the song..
She is related to you in a way too close.. if you know what I mean.. and just tell her that she was at her best in the movie when you meet her next…
what ek aur gaan sunaaoon.. ladd kyo rahe ho talwar to agastya ki hi thee.. tumhe to navya sirf diary hi chahiye thee naa aur ek pencil.. phir.. chalo.. uski talwaar usko dedo jisne mangavaai thee.. ( I am sorry.. if I am sounding harsh.. how could I.. ).. kaun sa gaana sunoge.. Naanu ki awaj mein sunoge ya bachchon ke saath sunoge.. ya phir sher ki kahani sunoge.. ek gaana hai aisa jismein tum logo ki teeno shart poori ha sakati hain.. kaise..


Mere paas aao mere doston

ek kissa suno…
mazaa aa gaya naa.. hmmm.. naanu hain na.. saare hindustaan ke saare bachchon se bahut bahut pyaar karte hain.. haaan..
Love to you in equal measures ( No discriminations to either of you! if you know wha I mean..) Amrit says Hi! to both of you.. arrey vo to school gaya kya huaa.. chalo bhaai mila lo haath.. ab ham bhi hain tum logo ke saath.. samajhe.. nahi samjhe..
Abhaya Sharma September 19 2009 9:35 AM IST
Post Script. Bhaai..last shraddh kal thhaa, aaj pahla navratra hai.. hot hai bhaai.. aapke paas singapore mein panchag thode hi rakkha hai.. anyway My best wishes to every single human being during the festive season..allah, jesus, ram mein koi fark nahi hotamano to maano mujhko koi fark nahi padata(Bhaai ek last question.. agar in dono ke mummy papa ko bura na lage to kya aap Navya aur Agastya ke birthdays bata sakate hain.. haan bhai Navya… tumhara birth year nahi poochh raha hoon.. chinta mat karo..)

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September 19, 2009 at 9:32 am
Oh My God..Look minus the untyped K what does it become.. oops.. sorry.. is saale keyboard ki to..I hope people are inteliigent enough to make what they were supposed to make of the missing letters in this case or in other cases too..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Life and Times of a Legend - Amitabh Bachchan

Respected Brother
Sadar Charan Sparsh

The way you have described your association with great Shashi Kapoor it indeed speaks highly of your narratory powers.. I feel this way you could on your own create a TV show .. My Life My Times.. where you could single handedly list out some persons and your associations with them.. no we don't want no anchors.. maybe not even the person being described.. actually he could come in at the end to say what he thought of your narration.. some names that come to my mind and I hope the ones you would not mind doing.. say in a 5 minute narration or so.. why should a program necessarily be of a longer duration.. I am sure it would be the most eagerly awaited 5 minutes..

To begin with could we start with the couple who are proudly responsible for your existence -

1. Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan & Shrimati Tej Bachchan
2. Khwaja Ahmed Abbas
3. Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor & Shammi Kapoor
5. Yash Chopra
6. Abhsihek Bachchan - the actor
7. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - the most beautiful actor
8. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru/Indira Gandhi/ Rajiv and Snjay Gandhi
9. Dilip Kumar
10. Pran Sahab
11. Your Immediate Family - You, Jaya ma'm, Shweta and Abhishek ( The early years)
12. The complete Bachchan filmy family (AB Sr., JB, AB Jr. ARB)
13. Waheeda Rahman
14. Guru Dutt Sahab
15. Om Prakash Sahab
16. Mahmodd bhaai
17. Hrishikesh Mukherjee
18. Vinod Khanna
19. Rajesh Khanna
20. Shatrughan Sinha
21. Dharmendra paaji
22. Nirupa Roy
23. Jaya Bhaduri (the actor and not as wife)
24. Hema Malini
25. Zeenat Aman
26. Rakhee
27. Smita Patil
28. Parveen Babi
29. Rekha
30. Prakash Mehra
31. Manmohan Desai
32. Shahrukh Khan
33. Akshay Kumar
34. Hrithik Roshan
35. Ajay Devgan
36. Kajol
37. Kareena Kapoor
38. Rani Mukherji
39. Sanjay Leela Bhansali
40. Sujoy Ghosh
41. Kishore Kumar

I think that is too long a list and it is too incomplete as well.. it does speak good to see you talk about these and other people even for 5 minutes or maybe even less in a serial.. I am sure it would be a bigger hit that the big boss and much more useful than the odd advertisements that you do.. Satyam bhai would not raise his eyebrows too..
we would all see the extension of the blog to rub onto Television.. I eman you need not restrict to people alone. you could add places and events as well.. I am sure you would have very memorable experiences of some places.. after all this who could ever possibly complain ki aap yah kyon nahi karte ya vo kyon nahi karate..
I have thought of some good titles as well..

1. Mera Jeevan.. Mere Anubhav
2. The Life and Times of a legend
3. The Men Behind the Show..
4. Bachchan ki Kahani Bachchan ki jabaani

I think I must get myself curtailed at this juncture lest you ask your whoossing actors to come into their acts..

With never ending love and respect and ever growing affection for you..
Abhaya Sharma September 17 2009 9:15 AM

An Old Post - 24 January 2009

Respected Brother,
Sadar Charan Sparsh,

For once, I thought that I were standing by your side in that august company of the greats like Vikram Seth, Chetan Bhagat and the rest at the most majestic moment of time. I must add here that I had earlier planned to keep this day entirely for your proud parents – Dr. Bachchan ( I somehow do not find the courage to address him with his first name – more as matter of respect) and Shrimati Teji Bachchan, who as per records that I possess probably registered their marriage on this day in 1942, I was under the impression that it was earlier.

With due regards I herewith present to you my work for the event, fortunately for me in the poetic form. I remember Dr. Bachchan had referred somewhere in his autobiographical account that the mood of writing poetry does not persist too long and one must not miss the opportunity when that time is there. I concur with the great poet as I too found that some of my best poetic thoughts emerged from the subconscious and could not be reconstructed later since I did not write them down. I hold computers responsible for holding me away from the usual pen and paper approach.

The sudden disappearance of light when I was first compiling my post online has woken me up. This particular piece has now been written down after that realization of the time tested method of writing- the pen and paper!

कवि बच्चन के जीवन में

प्रणय प्रसंगिनी बन कर
जब से तेजी आईं जीवन में
शोक हर्ष से हार गया तब
फिर कविता उपजी थी मन में
दुविधायें सुविधायें बनकर
चहक उठी थी आंगन में
अमित-अजित की आभा से
कवि पिता रुप में थे जन्में
तेजी ने जब सहयोग दिया
कैम्ब्रिज जाकर तब शोध किया
राक्षस कितने ही आये पर
तुमने उनका प्रतिरोध किया
इस जीवन को ही युद्ध मान
जीना फिर से प्रारंभ किया
फिर इलाहाबाद को छोड दिया
अब दिल्ली को प्रस्थान किया
प्रणय प्रसंगिनी बन कर
जब से तेजी आईं जीवन में
कवि बच्चन ने एक बार फिर
कविता का था वरण किया ।

अभय भारती(य), 24 जनवरी 2009 08.27 प्रातः

Post Script: Today there are twin birthdays in my family, not twins but a niece – Sonal and a nephew Udayan born to different parents in different years. The event is marked with the Akhand Ramayan Path at Delhi, the niece is to get married to an alumni of Kirori Mal college on this 31st. January, that is just a week away. This reminds me of another important fact of the class of 58 of Sherwood college that you had shared today, it was heartening to know how much a megastar or rather star of the millennium holds values of education in the formative years. An association for me with three Kendriya Viyalayas at AFS Agra, Aberdeen Bazaar and IIT Delhi where I studied from fifth standard onwards were the seven best years of my life. Like old days, my post script is getting longer than the original I need to stop abruptly. May Dr. Bachchan and Shrimati Teji Bachchan find themselves in the best of times in the heavens (Smiling - with their legacy that they had left behind, with you at the helm of affairs almost determined to take it further forward.

पूर्व चलने के बटोही

पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

पुस्तकों में है नहीं
छापी गई इसकी कहानी
हाल इसका ज्ञात होता
है न औरों की जबानी

अनगिनत राही गए
इस राह से उनका पता क्या
पर गए कुछ लोग इस पर
छोड़ पैरों की निशानी

यह निशानी मूक होकर
भी बहुत कुछ बोलती है
खोल इसका अर्थ पंथी
पंथ का अनुमान कर ले।

पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

यह बुरा है या कि अच्छा
व्यर्थ दिन इस पर बिताना
अब असंभव छोड़ यह पथ
दूसरे पर पग बढ़ाना

तू इसे अच्छा समझ
यात्रा सरल इससे बनेगी ]
सोच मत केवल तुझे ही
यह पड़ा मन में बिठाना

हर सफल पंथी यही
विश्वास ले इस पर बढ़ा है
तू इसी पर आज अपने
चित्त का अवधान कर ले।

पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

है अनिश्चित किस जगह पर
सरित गिरि गह्वर मिलेंगे
है अनिश्चित किस जगह पर
बाग़ वन सुंदर मिलेंगे

किस जगह यात्रा खतम हो
जायेगी यह भी अनिश्चित
है अनिश्चित कब सुमन कब
कंटकों के शर मिलेंगे

कौन सहसा छू जायेंगे
मिलेंगे कौन सहसा
आ पड़े कुछ भी रुकेगा
तू न ऐसी आन कर ले।

पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

डॉक्टर हरिवंश राय बच्चन

डॉ. हरिवंश राय बच्चन - एक श्रद्धांजलि

डॉ। हरिवंश राय बच्चन - एक श्रद्धांजली

यदि कर पाता कुछ गुण बखान
कह पाता कुछ देकर सम्मान
बच्चन, हे मेरे कवि प्रधान
क्या कलमवीर थे तुम महान

शब्दों में शब्द नही मिलते
है भाव मेरे भी अधोखिले
विकसित हो होकर ध्यान मग्न
कण कण मेरा तुमको अर्पण

मधुशाला के रचियता को
है अभय कर रहा आज नमन

इस जग मे कवि कितने आये
कितने आकर फिर चले गये
बच्चन की बात निराली है
कविता उनकी मतवाली है

नीड का निर्मांण फिर पढ़
बसेरे से दूर था मैने पढ़ा
क्या भूलूं क्या याद करूं
दशद्वार से सोपान तक पढ़

इन चार खंड में यहां वहां
था गद्य तुम्हारा बसा रचा

नही कवि कि थी कोई कल्पना
थी सत्य की यह अनुपम रचना
पढ़ा तुम्हारा लिखा जगत ने
यह बच्चन की अद्भुत साधना

पढ़कर मन भावुक हो उठता
फिर भावों में था खो जाता
यह संघर्ष तुम्हारे जीवन का
है पथ दर्शाता मानव का

हे कवि महान शत-शत वंदन
अमृत भी करता अभिनंदन

अभय भारती(य), 23 दिसंबर 2008 07.18 (प्रातः)

दशद्वार से सोपान तक पेज 494

तेजी दूर हो गये बेटे ।
चले बंबई से हम अपना सब सामान समेटे ।
स्वप्न हो गई पोते-पोती बहुओं से भेंटे ।
दिल्ली में हम पढ़ते रहते लेटे गालिब-ग़ेटे ।
बैठ प्रतीक्षा में बच्चन जी अब न करेगें टेंटें ।
तेजी, दूर हो गये बेटे ।

- डॉक्टर हरिवंश राय बच्चन

मै नही जानता कि मै जो कर रहा हूं उसकी क्या प्रतिक्रिया हो सकती है, कहीं ऎसा न हो भाई कि आप कहें बेटा यह तुम जो रोज-रोज कुछ कुछ पन्ने मेरी पिताजी की आत्मकथा से निकाल कर टाईप कर रहे हो आखिर किस की अनुमति से ? मै तो बस भाई प्रेमवश ही ऎसा कर रहा हूं कहीं कोई आर्थिक लाभ उठाने का न मेरे मन में विचार कभी आया है न कभी इस जन्म में कभी आयेगा ही, ब्राह्मण का बेटा हूं वैसे संस्कार ही नही मिले की धन कमाने में अपना दिमाग खपा पाता। अगर आप कहेंगें तो मै अवश्य ही इस तरह के उद्धरण फिर कभी प्रयोग में नही लाउंगा ।

त्रुटियों की तरफ़ विशेष ध्यान न दें, उम्र तथा अनुभव दोनो में ही आपसे छोटा हूं कहीं कुछ गलत भी कह दिया हो तो क्षमादान चाहता हूं ।

अभय शर्मा